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  1. Will Sound Tap continue to work when I update to Mac OS Big Surr? I a running V6.14
  2. Hi yes I understand that it stops recording once the sound source stops. However the sound source (whatever it is, ie YouTube or something else playing) plays perfectly well for as long as....until I try to record it with ST then after a few minutes its stops. Only to start again once I close down ST.
  3. I have recently purchased Soundtag but am a little disappointed with the results. After starting a recording the sound source stops and Soundtap stops recording after only a few minutes. Once I close down the SoundTap the sound source ie Youtube starts again. At first I thought this might be some limitation with YouTube to prevent piracy but the same also applies to other video smade by myself or any others sound source. I am running Mac OS 10.15.4 and Soundtag V6.06
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