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  1. Well its time the developers sorted this out, they must have known it wouldn't work with Big Sur long before it was released to the public. I was getting pop ups for months warning of this every time I opened the app. I asked them if they were working on it but got no reply.
  2. Well to be honest it was working fine for me up until my upgrade to macOS Big Sur and now it won't work at all.
  3. Big Sur has now been released and Sound Tap no longer works for me. I get the error message SoundTap could not connect to the virtual audio device. Please restart SoundTap to try again. I am running ver 6.21
  4. Will Sound Tap continue to work when I update to Mac OS Big Surr? I a running V6.14
  5. Hi yes I understand that it stops recording once the sound source stops. However the sound source (whatever it is, ie YouTube or something else playing) plays perfectly well for as long as....until I try to record it with ST then after a few minutes its stops. Only to start again once I close down ST.
  6. I have recently purchased Soundtag but am a little disappointed with the results. After starting a recording the sound source stops and Soundtap stops recording after only a few minutes. Once I close down the SoundTap the sound source ie Youtube starts again. At first I thought this might be some limitation with YouTube to prevent piracy but the same also applies to other video smade by myself or any others sound source. I am running Mac OS 10.15.4 and Soundtag V6.06
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