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  1. I had the "run out of memory" problem as well. I split the slideshow into two parts then rendered them as a mp4. I then used VideoPad to glue the two mp4 together to create a single file slide show. I find that about 20 minutes of slideshow seems to be the sweet spot regarding what Photostage can handle.
  2. Same thing happened to me. I built a video recently using 7.11; I upgraded to 8.23 and decided to make some additions to the video. When I attempted to insert the new sequence into the overall video and replay an exception occurred. I've tried downloading the latest code (8.28 - which is beta by the way) and pieces of the video started disappearing. I uninstalled 8.28 and reinstalled 8.23. At this time when I load the project videopad simply hangs on "processing" the audio files. Interestingly, other nchsoftware applications can read and process the audio files just fine. Videopad is h
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