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  1. @Chris75 It works now when I put it to ASIO Line6PodXT, but it records really quietly. Any suggestions to bump up the volume? Thanks
  2. Hi Chris75, The USB is actually connected to the USB and PodXT, not the amp. I have tried different USB ports on the PC though, and it detects the podxt. I can hear the amp and guitar fine, just when I press record I get the two error messages. I will check if there are any programs that may interfere with Mixpad. Then I will check for driver updates or see if its maybe Windows that needs to update and get back to you. Most likely will have to check tomorrow. Thanks.
  3. I have Mixpad and a PodXT hooked up via USB and through a Black star Amp with a Guitar. I have used this same configuration for a while now, and I was always able to record with it, using the registered version of Mixpad. I went to record today and Mixpad keeps telling me that There is a problem with the recording device, please check that it is plugged in. It also tells me there is a recording error when I hit record after the first "there was a problem" message pops up. It says the record device is not ready. Any suggestions?
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