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  1. Hi Nat and Borate. Most helpful and I now have it cracked. The missing link was scaling the clips. After playing around I found a really simple way to lay out 4 clips on the screen. I didn't need to use the split screen at all. To lay it out with Tracks 1 and 2 on the top and tracks 3 and 4 below them I did this: Track 1 Scale: Zoom X and Y: 50, Offset X: -50, Y: -50 Motion: Scale .50 Track 2 Scale: Zoom X and Y: 50, Offset X: 50, Y: -50 Motion: Scale .50 Track 3 Scale: Zoom X and Y: 50, Offset X: -50, Y: 50 Motion: Scale .50 Track 4
  2. Hi I am trying to create a video which has the screen tiled, each tile is a separately created video file. It's like the virtual choirs you see on Youtube. I have found out how to overlay video tracks, so I have 4 video tracks in my project, 3 overlaying the first one. I also used the Video Effect, split screen, to create a 2 x 2 array for each video track, putting each track into a different quadrant. However, when I play back the sequence all I see is one track occupying the whole screen. What am I missing here? Thanks
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