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  1. Update to the first post from NSim on 4/8/2020: As a next step, I deleted Debut off of my computer and installed a new/clean version of the Debut 6.14 software. The software performed as expected recording my screen for about a month. I was just notified that my "trial period" had run out. So I re-entered the Reg Code from my most recent purchase of the software. I now get the message "Unable To Start Recording. Check Encoder Options" again. My software also says "Unlicensed" even though I purchased the software license and entered the Reg Code. Please advise.
  2. I was recently forced by the software to pay to upgrade from Debut Professional v5.33 (which worked perfectly) to Debut Professional v6.14. Since the "upgrade" I have not been able to record at all. I am trying to record using screen capture saving as a mp4. All of the video compressor options H264, H265 and MPEG4 cause and error popup "Unable To Start Recording. Check Encoder Options." I have tried changing the Video Quality/Bitrate from High Quality to Default. This does not fix the error. Please advise how to proceed.
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