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  1. Peter Mount


    How does the reverb work on Mixpad please? I'm just trying to set it for a very slight reverb, but not one of the presets. I highlight the track, load "reverb" from the add effect button on the reverb window, and set the decay and diffusuion at 10 each (leaving the wet and dry at 0db) Do I press exit on the window to load this? Seems to be the only possible option. On playcback it gives the wrong sound, and back on the reverb tab it's got decay at 100 and diffusion at 20. Any help please. Clearly missing a trick. Many thanks.
  2. Because of social distancing I have 12 separate tracks for 12 voices all recorded at the same time for a radio play. I need to delete 9 of the tracks to keep 3 for one scene. But mixpad won't let me save the 3 tracks as a project. I'm going through and simply deleting each of the other tracks and then trying to save. It just crashes. Any thoughts please? Thanks.
  3. I've bought a new more powerful computer. I installed VideoPad successfully using an already supplied ID code from when I originally purchased it. But WavePad does not give the opportunity to enter the ID code from when I purchased it for my old computer, so it's marked as unlicensed. What should I do? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the answers. Re Q1 - Normal; dragging either handle of any clip, including clip 1, will shift the timeline but not alter the gap between clips 4 and 5. When the right handle for clip 4 is dragged left, the gap increases. If that's normal then so be it. A tad annoying though as it moves all the other clips further along that track. Guess the answer is to move the clips to be trimmed onto another track. That's a good thing about VP - able to have loads of tracks which other software limits!
  5. Q1: I have 4 clips at the start of a sequence, then a gap, then another clip-5. They’re all on the same track. Using the re-sizing cursor to make clip-4 smaller (dragging from right to left with the re-sizer) then clip-5 stays in the original position. But dragging the re-sizing cursor to make clip 3 smaller then clip 5 moves an equal amount to the left. Is this whet is meant to happen? It’s annoying when working on a more complex sequence where I want all the clips beyond the first 4 (many timed to work with clips on other tracks) to stay where I left them whatever I do to the first 4
  6. I'm in v8.45 and which is what it has been when the estimate worked accurately until last Thursday. The estimate shows just over half of what the export is. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Borate. It was pretty accurate previously but is now wildly out. Tried the avi with compressor on. It gets smaller but still ouside the key 64MB, and quality dropping off. It's not the fact it won't do it, it's because the estimation worked well before today.
  8. I'm on Videopad v8.45. Exporting at 1280x720 30fps WMV the estimated file sze before export is 35MB. After export the resulting file is 164MB. Exporting the same edit at 1000x563 30fps as MP4 estimated file size is 54MB, yet the resulting file is 195MB. Previously the "estimated file size" has always been accurate - it's a really useful indicator as we are limited to 64MB max per video on our website. But today it's making them much larger than the estimate. Making them fit in under 64mb is going to really lower the quality. Any thoughts please? Thanks.
  9. Peter Mount


    Thanks Elk Would seem like an obvious thing to do for setting those tiny edits, clicks next to other sounds, etc. I'll suggest adding such to NCH. Cheers
  10. Peter Mount


    On wavepad is it possible to monitor the sound while moving the red vertical cursor line back and forth? Thanks.
  11. A tad delayed by another project. I've made a portable project and would like to send it to you. How do I do this privately. The link to screenshots advice says to send a link to Google Drive but the mail icon referred to does not give a route... Thanks.
  12. Borate/Nat, Thanks for your help. Have done all the things you advise but it is still in the wrong position after export - it's in the same place as when I did it before. (I didn't know about dual previews so that's useful). The image is tiny - 36KB - should I have a much larger one? Export settings are: video file mp4 resolution=900x506 (using this to make the file small enough for our web site) variable frame rate - 29.97fps (don't yet understand what varying this does...) Thanks, Peter
  13. I've been positioning text over an image. It's all in the right position in sequence preview but in the export the text has moved down the image to the wrong position. I've been positioning it by opening the text clip in clip preview, grabbing hold of it and moving it to the desired position over the image, and, by trial an error (as I can't see the image whilst positioning the text) getting the text to the right position. Please does anybody know why this is happening, and what I can do to make it stay in the right position. Many thanks, Peter
  14. Dear Borate and Nationalsolo, Thanks for the advice above. I'll give it a go with the proposed 7.5 solution. Trying to update to the latest will cost another £40 - I paid that last November to get 7.5. It's an expensive process running this software. There's no mention in the list of upgrades of this function of screen splitting becoming available since then - mostly they seeem to be maintenance upgrades. At £80 a year, if this is a continued requirement, I wonder if I should go to another software. Shame though as I've got used to VP. Is this really the approach of NCH? Is this so
  15. I have videopad version 7.5. How can I put four videos on the same screen arranged 2x2? I've tried the "split" effect but whilst that gives me the desired layout it's only a quarter of each image. How to get 4 full images together please? There's advice on the net but it's for older versions and the instructions refer to things that don't seem to be on 7.5. Many thanks, Peter.
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