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  1. I have the same problem with Debut failing to find my webcam. WEbcam has newest drivers and works on other software programs like Skype. But, it also is not recognized by Zoom.
  2. srpsemsam....I have the EXACT situation with my Windows 10 laptop. The camera works everywhere else, but not with ZOOM or with DEBUT. I uninstalled SKYPE, thinking it had possession of my webcam, but it did not help. I tried to reach out to SUPPORT, but am unable to connect with them with any assistance.
  3. My problem is that Debut will not find my webcam. It says no video capture device can be recognized. I've checked all the boxes to enable my webcam, but with no success. It says it may be used by another program (on other threads), but I can't find which program it might be. I've even downloaded ProcessExplorer but could not locate such program. The webcam does work on Skype (which I have uninstalled).
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