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  1. Well that lasted less than 8 hours or so, now its doing same thing AND wont record at all. NCH is to reinstall program with newer version- Sure for another 80 bucks! URRRRR
  2. They fail to tell you, when you reinstall the "Newer" version ya gotta pay for the program all over again!! A Rip off of paying for the license the first time!
  3. I FINALLY FIXED IT ON MY LAPTOP!- I went to the Sound Controls and messed with them for days- I found my Iphone had put a phone receiver on sound controls (Playback & the Recording Settings) ait was apparently on, when I hit the button to release the cell phone,iI got control of Mix Pad again. Another issue I noticed this caused the audio on my iphone thad stop working as it was on Bluetooth to the laptop and messed it up also!
  4. Exact same problem- I've used this program before and could record on a 2nd track while playing the first, without it re- recording the first track a second time which defeats tthe purpose of tracks altogether! I DID NOT have to use headphones either! I uninstalled the program - I bought the license about 9 months ago, and now due to a new version being out ,it will not let me re install without buying a new license- Which hey they want to reduce from 159 to 79- Bullcrap- I paid for the license the first time- is this some kind of software interference to cause peopel to have to upgrade cause its pissing me off!
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