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  1. @NotADevWinkWink Thanks so much for info. I appreciate it - can change my schedule for uploading. Thank you!
  2. Version being used is VideoPad v7.39 I do not want to take intermediate step; did so only because VP would not upload directly to YT. If I upload from VP to Google Drive, I can then upload to YT from Google Drive - takes A LOT of time this way though. VP continues to tell me that I need to establish a YT channel but I already have a YT channel.
  3. I am a pastor of a small church and COVID-19 has forced us to depend wholly on online communications. I have had good experiences putting the worship service together in VideoPad. My difficulty is that when I attempt to upload the video to YouTube, I get a fail message stating that I need to create a YouTube channel. That's not correct - I have a YouTube channel. In order to get the videos to YouTube, I have to move them from VideoPad to an intermediate location such as GoogleDrive and then over to YouTube. That process is very very slow for me. The initial upload from VideoPad to the intermediate program usually takes about an hour and then it's another 30 - 45 minutes to upload the video from there to YouTube. Yep, slow connection here in the wilderness of north central Missouri. How can I get VideoPad to recognize that I do indeed have a YouTube channel and that's where I'm trying to upload videos to? Thanks so much for your help! KarenS123
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