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  1. They were taken with a motorola phone camera which is rated pretty highly (48MP). I cannot go back to italy and retake these pictures, unfortunately. Why does the video keep coming up with a 720p output (720W x 480H) rather than 1080p? That seems to be the problem.
  2. I have tried everything that I have read about that you produce and I have been able to produce a dvd that will work in my dvd player connected to my TV. But, I can not get a clear non grainy (and I mean grainy) copy. No mater what settings I make in export (both Video and DVD movie settings) they all come out a width 720 and height 480. My TV is a 1080p HD and I cannot get anything close. I have gone through $15 worth of disks but no luck. There is no one place for a novice to set this thing up. It is maddening.
  3. I have created dvds of my photo project, a slideshow using PhotoStage, but it will not play on the dvd player we use for netflix, etc. It will play on my portable dvd player attached to my laptop. Is there a way to create a dvd of a slide show to play on a regular dvd player? Thanks.
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