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  1. Awesome jarekszegarek, Well your tip started the chain to help me find out why I couldn't get my email's to work. I hadn't realized about the App Password setting because nothing came up to alert me. But once I changed that registry setting, the notice for App Passwords came into play. The rest is history. I hope this will help other's who are and will have an issue with emailing from within the software.
  2. That line was already there but with a value of "0" so I have changed that to "1" and setup the email settings again. Still does not work but I get a different error message now. "EMAIL AUTHENTICATION USERNAME OR PASSWORD NOT ACCEPTED: I have checked the password is correct and I am entering my username as "xxxxx@gmail.com" Have tried ticking the extra options and un-ticking also but I did see that this could also be a problem with my gmail account as I have 2 factor verification turned on: Any Idea what I can try next.. Have found that there is another item that m
  3. Thank you for the response.. I will submit this request. On a side note....... Are we able to (or is there some other blank data fields) where we can enter the suppliers bank details so we have them on record for when we need to make a payment to them Cheers I'll add this to my submission too
  4. ☹️ No One seems to be able to solve this issue for us... I don't really want to upgrade to the full paid software if it wont do this.. It's a simple thing I would have thought.
  5. Hi all, hope someone can help. I'm using version 7.03. I create Invoices and use the Pay in Days detail with a factor of 21... ie: My Invoice to the Client is due for payment in 21 days. Is there a way to add the Due Date field to the "Invoices Screen" so that when I go to see which Invoices have not been paid, I can see that they are due/Overdue or not due. I have put that detail into the actual Invoice but when browsing back to the Invoices Screen I don't see that detail Currently the Fields available are Date: Invoice: Order: Customer: Salesperson: Amount: Due: Status.
  6. Hi Elk, I have done all those things as per your instructions and rechecked them multiple times but still can not get the program to email my Invoices. Do you know of any other settings that I should be checking? or changing?
  7. I am testing the software to see if it will suit my needs. So far I am mostly happy but I am not able to email any Invoices to customers from within the program. I am using Gmail as my email client and I get this error message. "mail host server error(MAIL FROM not accepted). Please check your email settings. dbpspilot@gmail.com - (550 - ) I have tried various fixes from the forums but nothing seems to work. My SMTP server is set as smtp.google.com and I have inserted my email address and password. Also ticked the SSL/TLS and send direct boxes. Any ideas would be appreciated. I do u
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