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  1. Thanks, that fixed it. I saw that "CLOSE GAP..." option but it was not clear what that would do. Close gaps within a track? I wondered, and certainly did not want that, jamming things together that should be overlayed etc. Where did that "gap" come from? I seem to recall at one point I slid an image or video off to the right temporarily, perhaps beyond the end point, before deleting or moving it back. I would not expect that to cause this issue, but is that it? I also had an issue where every time I added a clip to the sequence, it seemed it was also adding another tiny clip I had
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_4YE29DJR0_Wo_ykZzkCS01GtLbyNXvh That is the Google Drive link to the project files. Not sure where the "envelope" for private sending is, but it really is nothing personal in the video. I should think the editor could have an option to set start and end points for rendering video edit exports. I have seen that in an audio editor, and would be useful in video, too.
  3. I just exported a pretty basic video that should run 4 minutes and 7 seconds. The exported version has an extra 24 seconds of blank, black screen at the end. A second or two would be okay but this is ridiculous. There is absolutely nothing on the tracks beyond the 4 minute 7 second mark. I used 8.4 with this result, then upgraded to 8.15. Same result. Solution?
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