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  1. Thank you. That’s a pity. It would have been helpful if it did. Just to clarify, Lightscribe is where a ‘label' is laser-etched onto the surface of a CD/DVD after swapping the disc over, instead of a stickyback paper label. It doesn’t burn data or anything like that.
  2. Connected to my iMac I have an LG Portable Blu-Ray Writer/ReWriter than can burn titles and such onto ‘LightScribe' discs. The software I currently use has been crippled by the latest MacOS updates. Is Disketch a suitable replacement?
  3. Hi borate I downloaded it then got caught up in all the business about losing functionality when upgrading to Catalina (MacOS 15). Took it completely out of my mind so forgot about it. When I rediscovered Videopad the other day (going through dicarding old software) it had timed out so I thought I would check here first before buying it.
  4. Thanks. I note the link doesn’t mention the 3D AVI files so I guess that Videopad won’t work with them. Oh well.
  5. I want to edit and save video movies created on my Fujifilm FinePix W3 Real3D camera. It outputs the files as 3D AVI. I would like to edit the files together then - a) save the result out as the original 3D AVI format for viewing on my LG 3D Computer monitor or my LG 3D television, and b) save the result either as SBS (Side by Side) or one or more the coloured anaglyph type files for sharing on YouTube or Vimeo. Will Videopad let me both both of these? I refer to the MacOS version by the way.
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