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  1. I have put the project into the recent version linked above, within the transitions it still shows different footage to what is in the sequence and then goes back to normal. I cannot export this also, as I need to buy the version linked above. So far looks the same though.
  2. I can export other projects on video pad, just not this particular project. I have cleared my cache files, uninstalled and re-installed the software, used multiple export options and downloaded the original video that needs exporting multiple times from unique sources. These have all still resulted in the same thing. I also cannot import the mp4 file into adobe after effects because of what it says is corruption. The original downloaded video is a twitch highlight and i have even re-made the twitch highlight multiple times. Can anyone tell me how I can get this specific video to finally work?
  3. Hi all, I have been a Videopad user for about 2 years and although I have had quite a few bugs, have never come across something so confusing. Every time I try to export this particular video the audio is perfect, but the video appears extremely out of sync and is even including parts of the cut down footage that aren't in the sequence!? I am currently using version 7.30 and would upgrade if it wasn't for having to pay again. Can someone please help, I have tried exporting in multiple formats, resolution and fps, researched online but nothing. Thanks in advance, Alex
  4. This doesnt seem to be working on 7.30, anyone know a fix?
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