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  1. Bdc62

    No audio at all

    Got it finally 😄💪 Customer Service proposed me again to install the latest version (8.35) But also V8.35 didn't bring me any further. I remembered though to have read somewhere that codecs are being installed by the app on demand ... So I decided to start VideoPad once as administrator (Run as Administrator) and now it just runs as it should with sound. So every time a want to include a new format, I need to start once as Admin, and from then on, I get sound for that codec.
  2. Bdc62

    No audio at all

    don't make me stupid ... No, this was just a test with some songs that play just normal in any other player on my pc .... And your "winner" is not available for me but can't see the reason why it would be different with that mp3.
  3. Bdc62

    No audio at all

    Decide to give it a try again ... Downloaded what was under the last hyperlink from Borate, which turned out to be version 8.32 ... again a flatline for any mp3-file Installed my 7.02 again, and this works.
  4. Bdc62

    No audio at all

    working on Intel i7-8550U 2.00GHz 16GB ram 64bit Windows 10 v 1909
  5. Bdc62

    No audio at all

    With that version (7.02), I get sound as expected 🙂
  6. Bdc62

    No audio at all

    "no problems found" with dxdiag result save in folder vpj above asked tech support
  7. Bdc62

    No audio at all

    uninstalled with the tool and removed all the proposed items (reg & files) installed v8.10 again same issue just a small test case : a .MOV video and an mp3 song. both play well in WMP here is the vpj and the two sources: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1v9kWBFo932RtbiVaN-5La1sMgtluimpH?usp=sharing
  8. Bdc62

    No audio at all

    same issue on V8.10 for me 😕
  9. Bdc62

    No audio at all

    installed last actual version of VideoPad: 8.06 (unlicensed, non-commercial) on my Windows10 Want to see first if it works ... and I like a lot of the possibilities until now but the sound. When I add files of either .MOV, .mp3 or .WAV ; I just get a flatline as audio wave in the Clip Previeuw. No surprise that I don't get any sound, trying to play them. I did find the C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\Components\mp3el2\lame.exe and tried to execute again and restarted and... Any advisory to fix this? Any additional info required? Thx Bart
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