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  1. Hi, I have a pretty basic question. I've used VideoPad for quite a while, with no trouble loading MP4s, JPEGS, or audio files of different formats. However, I recently added a standard MP4 recorded from an Android phone into the Sequence Preview window, and it doesn't display the video. It's in the exact same format as the countless others that I have added, with zero issues. So I am not sure what issues would cause this, or if there is simply something in the Videopad interface that I need to toggle. One last thing: the clip did show up when I toggled the 360 degree view, but
  2. Hello, I was just wondering if there might be a future version of VideoPad that will include the option to name individual clips in the sequence, or perhaps add comments to them. This would definitely help with some organizational aspects and expedite workflow. Thank you
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