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  1. Thanks @Nationalsolo but that's a very limited set and does not do what I need. For example, I want to be able to draw (or place) a line anywhere (as an overlay, I guess) and resize, rotate, change thickness, color, etc. These types of tools are available in free or cheap apps like Hudl Technique or Cache's Eye for mobile devices, but I was hoping to avoid going back and forth from recording device (e.g. phone or tablet), to VP and then back to Mobile for annotating, etc. Thanks also @borate that is a good idea and I may look into that to see if it does what I need.
  2. Is there a set of tools or a plug-in product that would allow me to add annotation graphics to a video within Videopad? For example: draw lines, arrows, circles and other shapes to highlight certain aspects of an action or sports video. This is for analyses and instruction mainly. Thanks!
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