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  1. Hi everyone, I found a problem with masks applied to Compositions (not objects). When a mask is applied to a Composition its animations are freezed at the first frame. This problem was found both in versioes 5.06 and 6.01. Unfortunately I canĀ“t upload a sample project. Anyone went thru the same problem anytime? Tnx.
  2. Hi everyone. Do anyone know if there is any way to make a short object to be enable to repeat itself over along a longer composition? I mean. Let us suppose I have a 10 seconds main composition. Besides, I create a simple object of one second duration. But I want this short object to be repeated over the whole 10 seconds of the main composition. This would be great as to avoid copy/pasting 10 times the shortest animation. Basically, I would not want to copy 10 times the same animations. Any clue? Thanks. Regards
  3. Hello, Can anyone clarify what the Express Animate Master and Home license versions differences are? Is Home Edition full features enabled? but limited to one user installation. What is the exact meaning of: - Master's Edition: Unlimited user license for all Master's Edition features - Home Edition: License limited for personal use at home Thanks.
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