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  1. Tech support got ahold of me and I was able to get the problem straightened out.
  2. NCH Tech support got ahold of me and asked me if I was using the effects zoom and roate. I took them out of the show and it exported perfectly....EUREKA....I have some other effects still in the show but I went through and removed those and it works. Saved as an mp4.... Unicycle Mike
  3. Chris75 do you export to mpg4? What settings do you use?
  4. I bought this program thinking that I could export a video..it does not export. Crashes....Sshould I have to pay technical support for a program just to get it to work? Unicycle Mike
  5. I am also having problems exporting. It keeps crashing. Is there anyone out there who has made a slideshow using mpg4 or mov?
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