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  1. I’ve done some further experimenting with Wavepad and have come to the conclusion that it is actually working properly regarding VBR saving with 64 bit versions. The problem I think is iTunes not recognizing the VBR saving for some odd reason. I’ve saved different files using different .mp3 file settings for the same exact original file. The original file I started with each time was in .wav format. Saving as a straight 128kbps file, the .mp3 file is smaller (less MB) than saving using VBR with setting 0 (highest quality) and low 192, high 320. This indicates it is saved as a better quality file. If I save as VBR using Wavepad 6.64 on OS Sierra 10.12.6 with the same VBR settings, the resulting saved file shows up as 196kbps VBR in iTunes. It is actually a little smaller (1.5MB) than the VBR saved file using Wavepad 12.74 on Catalina (1.9MB) with the exact same settings that shows up in iTunes as 128kbps bit rate. The 6.64 saved file shows up in iTunes as encoded with: LAME3.97. The 12.74 saved file indicates encoded with: WavePad Master’s Edition (copyright) NCH Software. So I’m convinced WavePad 64 bit version is saving these files correctly.
  2. Found a work-around for this issue. First of all, Default Project.mpdp.ProjectData is a directory, not a file. Whenever an audio file is opened in Mixpad, 4 files are generated in this directory the first time the file is opened: (number starting at 0 and incrementing by one for each opened file).aud, .audioinfo, .grf and Recover.mpdp-recover. The last recover file (I believe) is used if there is a crash while working in the application for recovery purposes so as not to lose all work up to that point. The recover file disappears when Mixpad is closed regularly. Subsequent opening of the same audio file uses the .aud, .audioinfo and .grf files generated originally, if they are present and the original audio file opened has not been changed. I think the only files that need to be kept are whatever files are associated with whatever is currently being worked on in an open Mixpad session. The other files can be deleted. In my particular case, I was listening to files that are three hours long. I like to use Mixpad because I can recognize talking, commercials, public service announcements, weather reports etc. and skip over them. Generally, I listen to about an hour of each different show at a time. So to mark my place in the file without changing or saving it, I modify the original file name with @HH_MM_SS_DDD. That way I can re-open the file later, add a bookmark, click on the bookmark and play from that point on. The problem with that is Mixpad sees the file as a new file because of the different file name, and generates 4 new files every time I re-open the file. Once I’m finished listening to each three hour file, I delete it. It might be better for me to use some other program besides Mixpad for what I’m doing, I’m not sure. Maybe WavePad, which I also have, though not sure it would be any better.
  3. Fred: thanks for your quick response. Under preferences, there is no audio tab. And I can't find what you are describing under any of the other preference tabs. Preference tabs I'm seeing: Deneral-Metronome-Messages-Mouse-Project-MIDI Controller-Clips Mixed 7.15 Mac OS X 10.15.7
  4. I back up my hard disk drive every night using CCC (Carbon copy cloner) by cloning the partition I’m booted into. I’ve been using Mixpad daily. Not saving files, but listening to them. The files are 172 MB 128kbps MP3 that import as .wav files into Mixpad. I’ve been noticing every day the image clone is becoming larger and larger. I looked at the~/library/cache directory. There is a file in there called Default Project mpdp.Project Data. Today the file was a whopping 180GB! What on earth can possibly be taking up 180GB in a cache file? Can this file be trimmed down to size somehow? It can’t just be deleted. I found that out the hard way. After deleting and opening Mixpad, It doesn’t play through the internal Mac speakers any more and there is no option for selecting it in preferences. HELLLPPPP!
  5. Here is my experience to date with Wavepad and VBR saving on Mac. The latest version for Mac that works saving as VBR is 6.64. 6.64 is a 32 bit version which will not run on Mac OS later than Sierra 10.12.6. If you try to open it after installing on a system running a 10.13 or later OS, it will give a pop up error window stating it cannot be used on any OS later than 10.12, the latest version should be downloaded and installed, and the only option button is to quit. The next Mac version of Wavepad is 9.29. I believe this is the first 64 bit version. I’ve tried all versions of Wavepad for Mac from 9.29 through the latest version. VBR saving does not work on any of them. When selected as the save option, it always saves the file as a straight 128 kbps file. This isn’t a show-stopper for me. I have a partition set up running OS 10.12.6 that has a purchased registered Wavepad 6.64 running on it that can be used to save files as VBR. It’s inconvenient but one has to be pragmatic about such things. Still it should work as it is supposed to be a valid option for file saving in the 64 bit versions. I can’t believe I’m the only one having this issue. VBR superiority over other types of file saves is a matter for another discussion thread. I also recently purchased a registered version of 64 bit Wavepad and have been upgrading free since 2/15/2020 until my 6 months from purchase date runs out on 8/16/2020. I’ve reported this to NCH and had some communications with suggestions from them on it. It has not been resolved as of this writing.
  6. I have experienced the same thing with 10.70 and in fact all versions of Wavepad and MixPad on my Mac. I use an older wired USB mouse to get around this issue. For some reason that works for me.
  7. I'm experiencing some issues with Wavepad 10.27 on Mac OS 10.15.3: VBR save option does not work: The VBR option is not working. When this option is selected for saving, no matter what min/max/quality settings are selected, output file is always saved as 128 kbps mp3 with no VBR tag indication. Split file - file name does not work correctly: Cannot partially delete any part of current file name in file name field. Can only delete the full name and then can only enter numbers –will accept no other characters.
  8. Update: Just downloaded Version 10.27 from NCH website. mp3 seems to be working now. OS Catalina 10.15.3.
  9. There is a work around for me. If I'm willing to replace edited mp3 files with m4a files. It involves some extra work but can still have files with the edits and are usable. At least until this is fixed, which I hope will be sooner rather than later. Actually, I would like to try the 9.51 version if it's available somewhere until 10.16 is fixed.
  10. Chris75: Have downloaded from both NCH site and Mac App store. Same problem. Can save using .m4a, .wav and .acc. .wav files are huge. .acc files won't open in iTunes. Problem is with .mp3 files. I edited an original mp3 file that was 8.7MB to start with. After editing and saving with save file option, this file was reduced in size from 8.7MB to 4KB and won't open with anything. FYI, I have been in contact with an Emmanuel, brisksupport@nchsoftware.com, on this matter. [TK-d6do100001-C0D] Pty1 WavePad FAQRequest. I have not heard back from him for several days.
  11. I purchased 10.16 wavepad for mac today. When I edit an mp3 file and try to save it in mp3 format, the file will not reopen and I get a message that app can't open the file. Inspecting the file with Finder shows that it has been reduced about 2,000 times its original size. But the files still play in iTunes. Does anyone have similar problems? Wavepad 10.16 running on Mac OSX 10.13.6. Original files were saved with 32 bit app.
  12. Good morning. I recently upgraded my iMac from 10.12.6 to 10.13.6. When I go to start wavepad after the upgrade, I get a window that tells me my version 6.64 will not run on 10.13.6 and I need to upgrade to a later version. But I'm currently running that same version 6.64 of wavepad on a portable MacBook Pro with 10.13.6 upgraded months ago, no problems. I've downloaded the latest 64 bit version of wavepad to try it. There is functionality missing that I have on 6.64. The choice for classic wavepad color scheme is gone, probably in an earlier release. I liked that feature.
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