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  1. Here is my experience to date with Wavepad and VBR saving on Mac. The latest version for Mac that works saving as VBR is 6.64. 6.64 is a 32 bit version which will not run on Mac OS later than Sierra 10.12.6. If you try to open it after installing on a system running a 10.13 or later OS, it will give a pop up error window stating it cannot be used on any OS later than 10.12, the latest version should be downloaded and installed, and the only option button is to quit. The next Mac version of Wavepad is 9.29. I believe this is the first 64 bit version. I’ve tried all versions of
  2. I have experienced the same thing with 10.70 and in fact all versions of Wavepad and MixPad on my Mac. I use an older wired USB mouse to get around this issue. For some reason that works for me.
  3. I'm experiencing some issues with Wavepad 10.27 on Mac OS 10.15.3: VBR save option does not work: The VBR option is not working. When this option is selected for saving, no matter what min/max/quality settings are selected, output file is always saved as 128 kbps mp3 with no VBR tag indication. Split file - file name does not work correctly: Cannot partially delete any part of current file name in file name field. Can only delete the full name and then can only enter numbers –will accept no other characters.
  4. Update: Just downloaded Version 10.27 from NCH website. mp3 seems to be working now. OS Catalina 10.15.3.
  5. There is a work around for me. If I'm willing to replace edited mp3 files with m4a files. It involves some extra work but can still have files with the edits and are usable. At least until this is fixed, which I hope will be sooner rather than later. Actually, I would like to try the 9.51 version if it's available somewhere until 10.16 is fixed.
  6. Chris75: Have downloaded from both NCH site and Mac App store. Same problem. Can save using .m4a, .wav and .acc. .wav files are huge. .acc files won't open in iTunes. Problem is with .mp3 files. I edited an original mp3 file that was 8.7MB to start with. After editing and saving with save file option, this file was reduced in size from 8.7MB to 4KB and won't open with anything. FYI, I have been in contact with an Emmanuel, brisksupport@nchsoftware.com, on this matter. [TK-d6do100001-C0D] Pty1 WavePad FAQRequest. I have not heard back from him for several days.
  7. I purchased 10.16 wavepad for mac today. When I edit an mp3 file and try to save it in mp3 format, the file will not reopen and I get a message that app can't open the file. Inspecting the file with Finder shows that it has been reduced about 2,000 times its original size. But the files still play in iTunes. Does anyone have similar problems? Wavepad 10.16 running on Mac OSX 10.13.6. Original files were saved with 32 bit app.
  8. Good morning. I recently upgraded my iMac from 10.12.6 to 10.13.6. When I go to start wavepad after the upgrade, I get a window that tells me my version 6.64 will not run on 10.13.6 and I need to upgrade to a later version. But I'm currently running that same version 6.64 of wavepad on a portable MacBook Pro with 10.13.6 upgraded months ago, no problems. I've downloaded the latest 64 bit version of wavepad to try it. There is functionality missing that I have on 6.64. The choice for classic wavepad color scheme is gone, probably in an earlier release. I liked that feature
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