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  1. Anyone with thoughts on this? Would really like to at least see web server (httpd) logging!!!
  2. Gmail began working again for me at some point during the year (I had already done the previous troubleshooting steps) and the recent posts reminded me that I might want to mention this. I'm sorry it doesn't help with the Yahoo SMTP issue though! Fred is right: we need more information about the settings and any kind of other details that can be provided to understand/help this.
  3. First, where does Express Invoice keep its web server logs? I'd like to see what may be going on in some certain circumstances in order to troubleshoot issue. For example, I use Nginx Proxy Manager to encrypt HTTP traffic for various servers on my location that don't normally support HTTPS. This is nice because it uses Let's Encrypt to create SSL certs and everything works great all of the time with everything I run on it... up to now! For some reason NCH ExpressInvoice will show the login (/logon) page just fine, but when I attempt to login with my username and password it redirects right back to `/logon`. When I visit the HTTP redirect on the same passthrough proxy it logs in and works fine. Something is happening somehow with NCH Express Invoice that's not allowing resources or login somehow and I'd like to get to the bottom of it!
  4. Just started having trouble with sending invoices via Google's Gmail SMTP server. It appears to have just started. I upgraded to the most recent Express Invoice with still no luck. I also altered the Google security settings to allow less secure apps to login. Initially it detected Express Invoices attempted login and I told it that that was safe / acceptable, but it still errors out on sending.
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