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  1. Hello. Prism automatically aligns video and sound streams, so you don't need to sync audio to video manually. In case this works wrong, could you send an input video you're trying to convert ? In this case we will be able to reproduce and fix the problem. Thanks.
  2. Hello If this is possible, could you please share the video you're trying to convert to reproduce the issue? Please, upload the video to any cloud storage(like GoogleDrive) and share the link on the video.
  3. If this is possible, could you share the file you can't convert to reproduce the problem ? Uploading it to any cloud storage like GoogleDrive would be great.
  4. Hello Actually, the problem can be related to conversin process issue. As the possible issue - the video resolution in one part differs from the video in another part of the video. Or this could be just an encoder fail. You can try to use different encoder(if you export to MP4 you can try to use MPEG4 encoder). In case the same issue occurs, the problem is related to source video.
  5. There is a possibility to turn off the Lossless Encoding. For example, if the output format is MP4, open the File Settings(or Encoding Settings). There is a "Lossless Export" pulldown list on the dialog. You can select "Off(re-encode the video)"
  6. Hello CDG is an acronym for Compact Disc plus Graphic. Files that contain the .cdg file extension normally store raw image graphics. The images in CDG files are usually low-resolution graphics that are used with an audio file for a particular track on an audio CD. Karaoke programs commonly use these CDG files to display the lyrics and graphics when the Karaoke program is playing a particular song. The audio data is usually stored in different file(in MP3 or CDA format). There is an information the CDG is also able to store the audio data. But looks like this is not your case.
  7. Andrey Sverdlov


    Hello. I tried to reproduce the bug. The only issue I could find is the MPC player for unknown reason play the video not from it's start. But the VLC and Windows&TV player works fine with the output video. Can you try to play the output video in the different player and see if the first second is cut off ?
  8. As for the green flickering/squares or any corruption of the output video. Could you share the input video(upload to Google Drive or any other cloud) and encoding settings you're trying to use ?
  9. Hello It looks like the DVD you're trying to rip is DRM-protected. There is no way to rip this DVD without breaking the DRM protection. Prism doesn't allow to do this.
  10. Hello Prism doesn't allows to split audio channels in stereo and select which one should be processed. But I believe you can use FFMPEG command tool to split the input stereo stream to the two different files. And then you should be able to use original video stream and one of these channels in the VideoPad to export the video with the desired channel. See more information here: https://superuser.com/questions/685910/ffmpeg-stereo-channels-into-two-mono-channels FFMPEG static Windows build can be downloaded here: https://www.ffmpeg.org/download.html
  11. Hello. What is the input and output format are you trying to convert ? Prism allows to resize(change the resolution) for the entire video. Please, go to File Settings(button on the main window) -> Video Output Options -> Resize Video Checkbox -> type the output resultion. Also it's possible to constrain aspect ratio of the video. As for the kbps. You can type any kbps value you like in the encoding settings for some formats like MP4 or MPG. Also, if the "default" quality preset is used the kbps value is hardcoded inside the application. It's possible the VideoPad's hardcoded value an
  12. Hello. I tried to reproduce the problem with VideoPad. Could you share the encoding settings you use in Prism and teh Prism and VideoPad versions ? Could you also try to convert output MP4 video to any format(for example, AVI) and check the output file.
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