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  1. Is there a data directory anywhere listing all the field names/types used in Express Accounts? I want to design a couple of custom reports but I'm stuck. Also - where are the data files stored in the MAC version - can they be accessed directly by a ODBC query??
  2. How do you reverse and paid invoice to make it unpaid? I made an error and applied a payment to the wrong invoice - there does not seem to be a way to do this. The "help" text I found (copied below) DOES NOT WORK. When I select Payments of accounts payable I don't see a list of payments to be able to pick one to reverse How do I revert a paid invoice to unpaid? Select Payments of Accounts Payable from the View menu Click on the payment you would like to reverse to highlight it Click the Delete button on the toolbar Click the Delete button to confirm the reversal
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