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  1. If try and match the settings exactly.... The export from videopad comes out as 640X480 1301kbps data rate 29.96 f/s 127kbps stereo 48kHz audio with a size of 307 MB From Prism it comes out 480X480 1932kbps data rate 29.96 f/s 131kbps stereo 44.1kHz audio with a size of 441 MB I want the settings from Videopad to use in Prism. All i do is pic, TV NTSC, the format defaults to 640X480 which i am fine with. thanks.
  2. I have some export settings (TV NTSC) in video pad i tested to export some videos to reduce the size, and it works great. I want to match these settings in Prisim so i can do a batch convert. I have tried to match the settings in "advance encoder settings" (mp4) in Videopad in Prisim, but the file doubles in size when output from prisim Any thoughts? Thanks.
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