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  1. Thanks! Uninstalling worked so your tip on being able to save projects even with the program is deleted was very helpful, appreciate all your advice!
  2. Alright, before that though, it's been recommended to me that I uninstall/reinstall then try again. If I do this will all my data be lost? I'd like to try this first on my own, if my project won't be lost that is
  3. No, I haven't fixed it. I had this problem with another project but it ended up working with no clear reason why. This time, though, it still hasn't worked. I'm using VideoPad Pro, latest version. I'd rather not share the project but I appreciate the offer. If you have other suggestions of things to try I'd be thankful
  4. I finished a project and am now trying to export it but no matter what I try, the full video will not export. I've tried different file formats, tried sending the file to different locations on my PC as well as on Google Drive. But no matter what, it only exports part of the video. The amount of the video exported is random too, sometimes a minute and a few seconds, sometimes two minutes or more, completely random. I've tried to fix this about 100 times with all different combinations but nothing seems to work, if anyone has any ideas please let me know because this project took a while and I'd hate to lose it. (Few things to note: I have plenty of storage space, all the files used in the project are still on my computer, not deleted, and I've exported videos in the past although this did happen before, however last time I just tried again and it worked).
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