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  1. Hi, I am connecting my mic to the mic socket but the recording is done via hte laptop mic and not via the mic. I know this becuse the quality is bad and also the volume on the mic is not affecting the recorded sound volume. Does any one know how to solve this? I am using windows 10. Thank you
  2. Thank you, however there is a problem with step 4 (delete the audio track containing the word). It is too small to click and to delete. When i hoover the cursor over the audio clip just created it changes to left or right brackets like: [ So i cant really select the word, it is too small.
  3. Hi, I am using VideoPad . Could any one explain please how to replace a single word in the audio of a video clip? The word wasn't pronounced properly and i need to replace it with a new recording, only this specific word, whenever it appears in the audio of the video. It is hard to cut the edges as it is very tiny, its a word inside a sentence. Thank you.
  4. Hi , The video capturing my screen has blur focus. It is not sharp. How can this be resolved? Thank you.
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