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  1. No reply until your post. But NCH does not seem to have a good reputation for customer support. if you post a question regarding ProTools, Steinberg, or Reaper you can expect a reply to their forums usually on the same day, and a more detailed post to your private or company post box within 24 hrs. They offer solutions, and do not attempt to pass the buck:-)) This is a shame, because I have been an avid user of the NCH WavePad editor for some time. Excellent. Before posting here, I tried to find the answer to my question in the MixPad User Guide, quite a skimpy set of notes. Mixpad also seems to have some serious stability problems. Iain
  2. The purpose of using a software (computer based) recording/mixing system is to replace the mixing console. So the software based system needs to have at least the same or more options than the console can offer. Take a look at ProTools, Cubase, Reaper etc etc all offer the possibility to reverse phase, which one often needs to do in audio post, when building delays, effects etc. I use a Focusrite (Neve) interface, the choice of many professionals, which has no phase switch because it is assumed rightly, that such an option will be included in the recording software.
  3. The reason for this may be as follows: If you are not using a dedicated sound card but are relying on "internal audio", the mix output can loop back to the input. There must surely be a way to prevent this, but it is not immediately apparent (the user manual is rather skimpy­čśí) Even with a sound card, the input should be set to external so that only the new material is recorded.
  4. All hardware recording consoles have a "Phase Invert (Reverse) button on each channel. I use this when recording drums with two mics on the snare drum. The first mic is above and the second below the drum . These two signals are mutually out of phase and so the phase from the second mic needs to be reversed. Where can i find the Phase switch on MixPad?
  5. Hello By disk do you mean CD? If so, when transfering the audio to CD you need to insert a track ID at the start of each story so that the listener can cue up to the required track. Alternatively you could load each story as a separate track into CD burning software and let it insert the default 2 secs silence between each track and add the track markers automatically. Iain
  6. I only downloaded MixPad a couple of days ago and so have very limited experience with it. I repeated the actions of the OP and found what he stated to be correct. When recording on a new track, you need to be able monitor the first track. For some reason MixPad insists on submixing the old track together with the incoming signal. Iain
  7. Hello I have just downloaded MixPad trial version. First impressions are very good, but I cannot find track Phase invert. Iain
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