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  1. I haven't seen how to run a production (to build item and of course decrease in stock quantities for raw material), in the link given it doesn't mention it
  2. @Fred28 thanks for that. I will check link.
  3. same problem here in 2019, so 4 years after starting this thread really surprised that this matter has not been taking car of 😒 I cannot imagine / believe a business that have always same cost for an item...
  4. Hello, is there a way in Inventoria that we could manually assemble some items For example I have in stock 10 units of item A, and 15 units of item B Item C needs 1 A + 2B to create C, so if I assemble is there a way to have new inventory for 5 unit of C So A becomes 5 B becomes 5 C becomes 5 Thanks
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