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  1. DannR, Thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately after meticulously doing exactly what you recommended above, the microphone selection in Debut still remains greyed out and unable to be selected. I went ahead and sent an e-mail to tech support. Tomorrow I will uninstall Debut and reinstall it to see if that makes any difference. Other than the microphone issue, everything else appears to be working fine. Problem is I need to be able to use the microphone for the reason I installed the Debut program. Thanks again.
  2. I'm using version 5.73 free(non-commercial use). OS is windows 10 home version 1909. No option to select microphone. Under Options> audio, microphone is not able to be selected "greyed out". Speakers, mouse clicks, ect; are able to be selected/ unselected. I'm using an external usb microphone, but it wasn't an option even before I bought the mic. It wouldn't show my laptop array microphone... I bought the external mic thinking that not having one was the issue, but no... I've plugged the mic into every usb port, no change in the inability to select in options>audio... I've
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