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  1. Hi Borate I think it is already 64bit.
  2. When Using Capturing Video I get this annoying ticking sound in audio on replay. Has anyone experienced this ? I have changed the setup but nothing works
  3. Hi Nat Solo, Yes I think it has now stopped as I went to save video and giving it a unique No and the story line is staying stable . Thanks Guys for your help I am still learning how to use this program and little things like that make a huge difference to stability. I am about make another topic about that when using Recording of something that is annoying that happens... -0- Yes nutiniel have thought of doing that but I was just saving it but not doing how i should have done it by giving it a extra name each time I edit the film. Actually it makes a lot of sense what Borate and NationalSolo said. The plan is always to do a video and keeping it simply together makes for saving time. Cheers
  4. Ok just to add to this problem it has happened on more than a few occasions re the instability. Today still I tried to reassemble the timeline but just got too much. Here a few things I noticed today that just made it impossible for me to go on. 1; when moving text, video or Audio the time line produced a gap which was not the item I was suppose to be moving as I clicked on the text on the timeline but everything else moved which it is not suppose to do. 2: There was more than only one of the same text on the time line 3: Jumbling up of the video and text positions. This video is a private video in regards family matters so you don't get to see what the video is about?
  5. Hi Borate I have had this version for 3 or more years and cannot lose the data I have got so won't download unless it gets worse. Is that a wise move? My version is Video Pad Professional v8.56 Looking at how many versions I have missed out on, I see a lot. Would this affect the performance of the program not having all these upgrades? I do also see the cost for upgrades is in American dollars which amount to a heck of a lot of Aussie dollars for wanting a stable video program. However I will wait to see if you really recommend to do the upgrades.
  6. I have about 1 1/4hrs video I have edited and when I close it and then next day open it it up the video is partial jumbled up. The video are in different places along the story line to give you and idea what is going on. Is there a limit how much video to be on a story line and also amount of alteration done to video before it corrupts? It takes a long time to sort out the story line and you guessed it getting sick and tired of Video editors behavior. lol
  7. When creating a audio Video I have this Ticking sound in the audio. Why?
  8. Have removed old video and updated it and then uploaded to YouTube and lo and behold I have 9 copyright infringements. All the .WAV audio files are from NCH Sound Library. I don't want Copy right material on my videos as Youtube then if any chance money is made then it goes to the original owner. Maybe NCH can explain? Also I have a folder here showing the name of the songs which are different to what NCH Stock Sounds .wav name is but cannot upload it.
  9. Thanks Borate, I am going to have a closer look at it and see what I have done. I think I may have grabbed some stock sounds from another editing program which somehow I downloaded them by mistake and not realizing it. I will get rid of them and then see what happens. Regards and thanks for your help
  10. Added about 10 songs from Stock Sounds Files in Video Pad and after the necessities to the video uploaded to my YouTube Channel but YouTube placed a copyright on the Video. YouTube told me I could delete the songs or question the copyright. I answered remove the Audio of the song and so be it but they remove all the audio! That was obvious! The question is are the "Stock Sound" sounds copyright or not? If they are not, I will delete the YouTube video I have uploaded and upload another then fight YouTube over their non lawful statement.
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