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  1. Thank you Josh...I appreciate your message. Is mp4 one of the formats I can export? I have created 1 mp4 successfully, but there are messages in this thread that mp4 didn't show in the dropdown for the free version. I just want to know if it's going to go away after a while and not be available. Other formats will work, but I'd like to be consistant. Can you list the valid export file extensions or point me to a doc that shows it? Thanks, Irv
  2. I couldn't find anything in the Terms about non-profit use. I think that falls under the category of non-commercial, but I would like clarification. I would like to use Videopad to create videos for our church during the COVID-19 pandemic. We record the content and then edit and piece it together to upload to Youtube. There is no advertising and we make no money from the video. Does that still apply to home/non-commercial? Also, the words, "home" and "non-commercial" do not appear in the License Terms in the Help | About section And...in this free version do I have any export fi
  3. Solved - As it shows under my name, I am a Novice. I also use a monitor with my laptop, so the lid is always closed. Once I opened my laptop, that little black box was filled with my picture coming from the webcam in the lid of my laptop. Then it was a matter of going to Camera Overlay and unchecking the Enable box. Black box gone. As often as I've seen instructional videos with an inset of the presenter speaking while moving their mouse, I didn't attach the concept to that. That is probably not how I am going to use this software, but so far has done most of the things I wanted it to d
  4. This is about the same post above. I wanted to add some additional information. The black box also shows when I do a simple screen capture using the camera icon at the bottom of the main window. I've added the screen capture that I just did. I hope this is ok on this forum. People use black box in many ways and I want to show the real problem I'm seeing. Thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/79q22b0bza5zhbx/NCH Debut Black Box.jpg?dl=0
  5. I am having the same problem. It is always in the lower right-hand corner and none of the above recommendations do anything to get rid of it. If this is in the paid version, it's a showstopper. for people who are recording their screen capture and need access to the system tray, it's always going to be blacked out along with any real data that needs to be displayed. Thanks.
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