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  1. Using the WMV format with 320kbps did the trick! Thanks so much
  2. You said there's no discernible difference in quality between Mp4 (using the AAC compressor at the 320kbps default) and AVI, so does that mean when using MP4, setting the bitrate to 320kbps is the best possible audio setting? Because I always switch this setting to High Quality/ Larger File Size, but this is not fixing my issue.
  3. I have been using videopad for the past 4 months and have noticed that my video's audio always sounds bad after I export it. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't sound HORRIBLE, just not crystal clear. In fact, most people probably wouldn't even hear the difference, but I am a video editor by trade, so making sure my video has the best quality audio and visuals is very important to me. The only way I can describe how it sounds is imagine you are watching a 1080p Youtube video, and then you switch it to 360p. The audio would still sound fine, but not nearly as crisp as in 1080p. That's how all my vid
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