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  1. I've split a long 80min recording into 19 individual files (MP3), using the 'Split at Bookmarks' feature of 5.48 (Licenced Version) (Win 10). It split fine, but I am unable to use the "Save File" or "Save File As" commands, it just does nothing. It did manage to save the first split file created, but no others. I know the files are there, as closing the program, and reopening the Project File loads the individual files, but I don't know where they are stored, or how to re-save / export each file to a new place. Any tips? NB: If I copy the contents of a track, and paste it into a new file, it'll save no worries... So I guess I can do this, but it's not ideal if I was to do this to a lot of recordings.
  2. I'll just answer my own question; FLAC for original / high quality files. MP3 for any conversion or mobile use. High Quality 1-3 at around 200kbs seems to max out the audio quality. But realistically (even with a pair of Bose headphones); I can't really tell the difference between a 10MB file and a 5mb one (148kbps / quality 5), but maybe that's just me. ...any other opinions on this!?
  3. A few formats I've been outputting to seem unable to write the metadata that comes with the file; eg AAC I read in a help file that: "File format supports metadata such as .aif, .aiff, .aifc, .flac, .m4a, .m4b, .m4r, .mp1, .mp2, .mp3, .ogg, .wav, and .wma" But which of those is the best format for all-round use on a mobile / media device? Let's assume that I've got highest quality .FLAC's for original files, and I'd like to create portable versions at smaller file sizes using Switch. Everything I've read has said the .MP3 format is on the way out, and is being replaced by other more efficient formats. Assuming that MP3 format has been superseeded; do I really just need to choose whether I want compressed files for a Mac (aiff etc) or .WMA? OGG isn't very supported (and my test conversion didn't transfer metadata to that either). So if I'm on windows + android; should I be making everything .WMA? Or just sticking with MP3 because really; that's still the standard that everyone still uses? FYI; In my small test: -Original M4A File @ 288kbps = 10.8mb - Converted WMA @ 256kbps = 9.6mb - Converted MP3 @ 192kbps (variable rate) = 7.2mb - Converted MP3 @ 283kbps (highest quality) = 10.6mb - Converted FLAC @ 772kbps = 28.9mb
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