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  1. Have the following vpj.-project: 1 Video (track 1) with still images 2 Narration (recordings) for most of the images (all audio file are grouped with corresponding images) 3 Background music for the entire project (track is locked ) Want to add new images in the middle of the project ('insert at position of cursor') without disturbing the remainder of the project (downstream). Have tried to insert an image on track 1 but it does not push the remainder onward Sounds to you as a simple question. Is grouping a problem? Thanks in advance Ole
  2. Dear Borate, Thanks for your help. I have tried it. Works fine! Your instruction is clear and sufficient. Have a nice day. Ole
  3. I want to narrate a video and also have underlying music at a separate track. BUT I would like the music to be reduced in volume during the periods af narration. Any suggestions? Thanks Ole
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