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  1. Thanks Borate, have now got the latest version 7.39 Not sure what i've done, but the initial problem seems to have cleared (just clicking random buttons - maybe aspect ratio to 16:9 rather than Match Content ). Sequence previews are now buffering correctly. I saw the green lines (buffering) - but at the moment its all running smoothly. (Clips are fairly random - depending on what recorded on - mostly mobile phone videos though 30-45 seconds at 1920-1080). I've cleared out the cache too. Thanks for the offer of review. Certainly if i hit further issues i'll share. I'm already a
  2. Hi all. I'm new to the forum, but having some challenges... hoping i can get some advice. I purchased VideoPad professional a couple of weeks ago, having had the unlicenced version for a few months on my machine. All good (although i was running 6.x.x (can't remember what). Created a video with about 30-40 video clips in it. All good. But as I started to add more, it started to slow down... couldn't get sequence to play properly. I saved project and re-opened - all a mess - took ages to load and then crashed videopad. I then realised i was on an old version - so uninstalled and reinstall
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