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  1. Thanks Borate, have now got the latest version 7.39 Not sure what i've done, but the initial problem seems to have cleared (just clicking random buttons - maybe aspect ratio to 16:9 rather than Match Content ). Sequence previews are now buffering correctly. I saw the green lines (buffering) - but at the moment its all running smoothly. (Clips are fairly random - depending on what recorded on - mostly mobile phone videos though 30-45 seconds at 1920-1080). I've cleared out the cache too. Thanks for the offer of review. Certainly if i hit further issues i'll share. I'm already a year behind on videos (still working on 2018!!) - due to moviemakers demise, so i need to get myself sorted.
  2. Hi all. I'm new to the forum, but having some challenges... hoping i can get some advice. I purchased VideoPad professional a couple of weeks ago, having had the unlicenced version for a few months on my machine. All good (although i was running 6.x.x (can't remember what). Created a video with about 30-40 video clips in it. All good. But as I started to add more, it started to slow down... couldn't get sequence to play properly. I saved project and re-opened - all a mess - took ages to load and then crashed videopad. I then realised i was on an old version - so uninstalled and reinstalled...but the file still crashed VideoPad. Having given up - i decided to restart. One video clip (30 seconds long) - the clip preview works..the sequence preview buffers like crap. (which is how the previous video project had gone wrong over time). I'm loathe to progress again unless i can figure out how to resolve. a) there were some indications in help that frame rate of the preview will be at fault - but i've looked in Options/Display and no way of reducing the preview frame rate? b) Maybe its laptop... not 100% sure of spec, but its only 12 months old (i7 processor with 8GB RAM) c) previously sequence preview worked ok (until file crashed) any ideas what i'm doing wrong. I make a video for my little girl each year (started when she was born...) using Microsoft moviemaker.... 25 minutes long, some video clips, some photos and title slides and overlaid with music... been doing this for 10 years - but Moviemaker has gone... so wanted a replacement.. VideoPad has ALL the capability i need - but it doesn't work Any help greatly appreciated - as I'm a very grumpy 46yo right now Cheers Jake
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