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  1. On 11/19/2019 at 5:28 PM, NimeshP said:

    I am ridiculously ticked off. I purchased this software only Feb 2019 and this is the response I got because it is saying my previous key is invalid:


    Our licensing allows 6 months of free upgrades which your key has just fallen behind on. Apple has decided to only allow 64-bit applications for their newest software, so please keep in mind this was a decision by Apple and not by us.

    If you'd like I can provide you an invoice for an upgrade cost with an exorbitant discount, as I understand the frustration. If you'd like to proceed forward let me know, thank you.

    NCH Sales


    These morons at NCH want us to pay them for fixing their mistake. I say we find another solution. Why give a company like this more money. It's ridiculous. 

    I received the exact same message, however no "exorbitant discount" was actually given.  Despite the offer.  So I purchased the update to keep going.  Turns out absolutely none of the my backup files will transfer.  So basically I am back at square one.  What a total waste of everyones time

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