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  1. Thank you for your help anyway. I will find a way around the problem.
  2. I am using version 7.39 (as the free version. I saved your version of my file and it works fine. The file I placed in We Transfer shill does not work. It has me perplexed why the file works fine in all other video software but not VP.
  3. Yes I can get it to play in VLC but it freezes on the first frame in VP. Yes its an old recording. A copy of my fathers 8mm film. It would be over 50 years old. I took a segment of the original file (a digitise copy of the earlier recording) and exported it as a separate mp4 file.
  4. Borate Here is a link to my file https://wetransfer.com/downloads/9093623da6caf91c057e38da3ba698c220191118061643/71b1f4a25bed9eec8841e6b667de81e620191118061643/d71f96 It will be available for download for a week from 18/11/2019. I left export settings the same as default and entered an Export name. Preset = Custom File Format = .mp4 Resolution = Auto Match Content (788x576) Widescreen Fit = Letterbox Frame Rate = Variable (Smart Max 45fps) Subtitle = Overlay Does that cover it? I should have thanked you for your quick reply.
  5. Hi All, I have just started using VideoPad. I have a long mp4 file that I have split and exported as separate mp4 files using VideoPad. The individual files play fine in other software, but when I open them into VideoPad the files appear corrupted and do not play. I can't do anything with them. My aim was to take some of the individual files and rejoin them in a new sequence and then re-export either to a CD or new digital file. I am using the free non commercial version. I am not sure if I have done anything wrong during export to explain why VideoPad is now not recognising the new files. Has anyone had a similar experience and or can suggest a solution? Regards Jenny
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