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  1. Quo me trahis, o computatrum?
  2. Aha thanks! ...hm it's just one thing that's irritating me here: that they take mutch charge of updating. Is it worth 49 dollars for a 6 month?
  3. I have to add: my audio program "studio one" thinks better. There it can cost with extra accessories or special instruments, but they are more serious and do not pay for upgrades that many times are needed for the program to work well and keep up with the development.I really think I should write to Videopad and complain again ... Or what do you say about this?
  4. I try to translate Jörg: "even though I paid for a lifetime license, without being told by the seller that every upgrade would cost me money again, my application suddenly faded and crashed ... I was generously offered an update from NCH, which I also used , But then you wanted money again. That's just capitalism.Jörg" … and I agree. Bought the program, expensive and now have to pay $ 49 for an upgrade. It is very rogue and I have not encountered any of these in other programs that I work in.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have edited video for many years ago and already have some prior knowledge, so I wondered more if there were simplified shortcuts to synchronize audio and video. I used to put, for example two video files in parallel tracks that I cut between and had the audio (the mixed music) from the music studio in a locked audio track. So tried not to have to sync sound and image more than in the introduction, if you understand how I mean. But I wondered how more experienced editors usually work with this.
  6. Hey! In progress with the first music video in videoPad. Oddly enough, i found nothing on the forum about how you can easily cut a separate audio file into a video file and sync these! So I thought I might open a new topic and ask about it. So ... how do you best align sound and image, as in a music video?
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