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  1. Sooooo maybe it’s just my preview screen that looks like it’s been cropped.?? Im sorry I’m such a newb you’ve been a lot of help !
  2. I think I made it public now, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1G8lrnTm5JGriTNct6JGm01i9gctEgn-P?usp=sharing
  3. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zFhgUqKa4Rb2KSsNqgBY_uaiy7z7pHUh I dont know if i did that right or not.... and idk what version i have downloaded either. ugh im not much help, im sorry. =/ let me know if the video shows up or not. Because when i watch it almost all the clips are really small and squished up in the corner.
  4. some clips on the sequence I have added the zoom or pan and zoom effect. Now I would like to adjust the color of some clips. when added to the effects on a clip that has already been zoomed it crops the clip to the upper right corner. if I color correct a clip I haven’t already zoomed, everything stays normal. but when added to the clips that I’ve already zoomed, it like crops them again, and leaves a bunch of black space around it. ive tried moving the zoom effect up and down the effects list, it doesn’t help. I’ve tried adding color to the whole sequence instead of individually. It doesn’t help. im fairly new to this, so I’m hoping I’m just missing something simple. PLEASE HELP! I’ve worked hard on this . 😓
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