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  1. I have made some progress. I have found pull down menus. I have highlighted "DataDVD" , that brought up highlighted "Remove All" so went down to "Burn DVD" clicked on it but nothing happened. Is there anyone that can walk me though deleting the whole DVD, so that I can burn a backup. Also need help in burning a backup. Have not done that yet.
  2. Can anybody advise me on using the Delete All feature? I have highlighted the other icons at top of the page the punched Burn CD/DVD button at right side bottom of the page but nothing happened. Please advise, I don't have the money to purchase it yet, just need to backup system. cd/DVD
  3. I for the life of me can not figure out how to activate the "Delete" and "Delete All" icons, they remian a dull gray, I need to backup my system however I must delete all of a disc to do it.. I even chick on them but nothing changes. I even changed the box to "ISO" , that changed the "Delete All" to change color but wouldn't stay changed. I know that it is something vary small but I can't think what it is.
  4. Michael Quinn


    I can't seem to erase all data from a disc so I may make a new backup. If you could be of help I thank you in advance.
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