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  1. Hello! I upgraded my videopad from 7.10 to 10.84 (or something like that) to be able to apply noise reduction among other things. But, I guess my computer is too slow, it is very very slow and can't make it... I'm running a test and I try to apply and export a 12 second lasting video and it has been running for 9 hours and the exportation is only 60% complete... My computer is so slow that the preview of the effect is not running, so for a new effect it is impossible to adjust it properly. What kind of specification for a computer would be OK to make it work? How long should it take in theory to apply noise reduction on a 4 minutes long video? I'm kind of in a hurry, since I have to send a video to a festival within a few days, so I wouldn't be mad if somebody does it for me . Here's the drive link to the file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E-ngSCW0iXMyPc0Moaa_O-fXlCmKnLy5/view?usp=sharing
  2. Thanks for the advice. This looks working, but the problem is that you can not decide how to crop different sequnce of the file or images, since all the file is cropped the same way. Or we should combine scale and position. Btw my try succeeded. When the video file first has the right ratio (16:9 in this case), it worked.
  3. The images are stretched and it is not what I am looking for. I did once that kind of diaporama. I added still photos and used the same zoom tools to get the 16:9 format and it worked. Maybe it has something to do that the original video file is 1440x1080? It would be easy actually to do the diaporama again with the original photo files rather than trying to change the file size ratio. Strange , seems it would be a really easy thing to do. I'm now trying to change the original video ration into 16:9 and then applying the zoom/crop effects, let's see.
  4. Export still in progress, but here's the folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VZsGbPPfZYMeUNMv0oqZKr17OM9yBmBd?usp=sharing
  5. I have the same problem. I have a 1440x1080 video I want to convert into 16/9 using the zoom tool and then export in 1920x1080. I still have borders on both sides as LunaTrans's snapshot. I try right away to export the file in 1280 x 720, let's if it works
  6. Something like this I thought also, but didn't figure out how to realize it and to fix it. For the audio track I guess it's because I forgot to configure the equalizer... With the 7.10 version equalizer setting are not saved when saving the project and have to be configurated again every time a project is open. I think this would be a nice developpment to fix that problem. Or is it already so in the latest version?
  7. YEAH it worked! Thanks a lot for your help! https://youtu.be/FIRT8UtBt5M
  8. Here's the folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ayZ4JV6QTLLB4bg4Z4xXYfpmAgepB4gk?usp=sharing
  9. I tried with one single file and the result was good and the same as in the preview image in VideoPad. And yes you're right i meant 0.10 and not 10 for exposure. 0.10 is the value I used and still have the overexposed result shown in the screeshot when exporting the entire video. The problem might be in the project itself, seems like the effects are added many times, i don't know why...
  10. I tried again after cleaning the cache, same result... I tried with one single file, it worked perfectly. Might be a problem with the project. I prefer not to download the latest because I will lose the license in 6 months. What about re-installing it?
  11. Thanks, but the problem is not the correction of the exposure. When I export the final video file the result is overexposed as in the screenshot (compare to the preview where the correction is done).
  12. here's the file that is on the screenshot: FILE I applied: exposure +10 and in colors management brightness +30, contrast +10 gamma 1 i cleared unused cache files and tried again , lets see...
  13. Hi, using the 7.10 version I had this problem. I had to add exposure on video files becaus there were quite dark, but when I exported the video, the final video was over over over exposed. Any idea where is the problem? Never had that before.. here's a screenshot : https://photos.app.goo.gl/DMeSovACYKTDrnQa7
  14. Thank you so much! I was just wondering how it was possible to apply the same effects to many clips at the same time, now I have an answer to that, too.
  15. yes, that works for me too with 7.10 version but when I have lots of clips, I have to apply the saved preset for all clips one by one, which takes time.
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