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  1. Got it. Thanks. Now the trouble is that I can't seem to move the box on the preview window so I can get it into position on the screen because once I try to move the censor box on the preview window, the video starts playing.
  2. Thanks. I still need help understanding where IN TIME to place the censor effect. I can place it in the correct spot on the screen, but it lasts for the entire duration of my video clip.
  3. OK, new problem but on the same project. I am using the Censor video effect, which I've got figured out, somewhat. I know how to place the censor bar where I want it in space on the screen, but don't understand how to place it at the correct TIME on a video clip. As it is right now, the censor bar appears throughout the entire length of my video clip. In other words, how do I set the start and stop time for a video effect?
  4. You have helped a lot, thank you. But now, after laboring for 2 nights to get the still images placed exactly where I want them, when I created the "final" version, by using Export video > Video file> and saving as .mp4 format, the images are placed higher on the screen than I intended. What might I be doing wrong?
  5. Getting there, but I don't understand the difference between Horizontal (ratio), Base X, and Offset X. An explanation of the difference might really help me to place the still image where I need it. Tank you!!
  6. Thank you! I think I've got it working well enough now.
  7. Thanks, but that seems to just overlay the exact same clip I already have over itself? How do I choose a new still image to overlay the animated clip? Think, how would you simply overlay something like credits over an animated clip? Should be possible, no?
  8. I am trying to prepare a video project for next week. I am trying to overlay a still image that I have over certain parts of a video clip, essentially so that parts of the video are masked. I have been trying to use the Add Objects > Add Overlay Image function to do this, since that sounds appropriate, but cannot figure it out. I am not very tech savvy, but can certainly follow simple instructions. Please help me!
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