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  1. HI,

    I thought I would try this program. I am trying to edit a photo, sometimes a crop or transparent background. I have even open up other programs and copied and pasted with no luck. Is their any way to manipulate a photo? Whether to make it round also?

    thanks Bruce

  2. Hello,

    New to NCH, and I emailed tech support and have not heard back in over a week. I would like to use the program to record VHS using a canopus 100 through Firewire which seems to work somewhat. The Problem I am having is in previewing the capture their is no sound which makes things difficult, especially with old programs that have music at certain points that need to be recorded.

    Does the program Debut in preview mode suppose to play sound also? It would be no good to me if it does not. Though it does record the sound when you play the clip back. 

    Is there a check mark to preview the sound also? 

    Thanks Bruce

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