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  1. How to download old version mp3 converter software ? my license error invalid old version code
  2. This program is made to convert to another format not to ask why you want to convert! I have reported problems that are not responsive. Thankful
  3. what flaws inherent ?
  4. I sent the report a few days ago, they asked me for a photo, they didn't answer
  5. I'm working with Windows 10 and the latest version of the program There is a problem with the convert mp3 to wav,aiff that some tags are deleted For example tags: Cover - website - genreid And the most important of these is the cover tag. There is also a new problem in the program: Convert mp3 to wav has to be done twice to do it properly.
  6. I delete the tags after converting I use a lot of tags How can I fix this problem ? MP3 convert to AIFF, WAV
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