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    Zoom Effect

    Hey there Borate, Thanks for looking into. Tried the delete components/uninstall/reinstall method and that didn't work. Project still was doing the same thing. So tried installing the 7.33 version, and it's better. Works most of the time. There are a couple photos that will error and go black when adding an effect, which sometimes can be from anything especially also auto-levels. Cheers.
  2. MarcusK

    Zoom Effect

    Hey VideoPad Team, Just bought your software today (v 7.32). In the process of putting together a project, however when applying the Pan and Zoom, and the Zoom effects in photos the picture seems to change to black once applied. I haven't noticed if any other effects do the same thing. In does this regardless if the picture is in the timeline or the imported files. This effect is probably one I'll use the most, and its frustrating it doesn't let me apply it. I've tried all sorts of things ... making sure the files aren't read only, moving them from a HDD to the computer, deleting and read
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