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  1. MScpt

    MAC 64 Bit

    Are you sure? I understand that there is a 64 bit version of Express Invoice, but Express Accounting is different. I had a reply from NCH in another forum that the 64 bit version of Express Accounting would be available "soon" ....no comittment to a date
  2. Is there a Catalina compatible version for Express Accounts yet? Apparently there is one for Express Invoice but I am using Express Accounts.
  3. MScpt

    MAC 64 Bit

    Does Express Accounting now also have a version compatible with Catalina?
  4. MScpt

    MAC 64 Bit

    You have let a lot of paying customers down NCH. A business that cannot invoice or do its accounts will die very quickly. We cannot wait indefinitely for a newsletter for this vital information. The options for me are clear: 1) If NCH will not even give me an estimated date (after previously stating that the update would be available before Catalina release) then I must move elsewhere for my business critical accounting needs. (windows interim is not an option for me) 2) If NCH gives me a firm date in the near future for the 64 bit version I may decide to hang on before updating MacOS. Which one is it to be NCH???
  5. Not good enough NCH. You have been telling us that the 64bit version would be ready by the time Catalina is released. Now that it has landed you say you cannot give us any firm date. I will have to look elsewhere for my business critical accounting software.
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