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    Hello NCH, I’ve been waiting for the 64-bit version of MoneyLine. My computer is a 2014 MacBook Pro, I did a Time Machine backup and a Carbon Copy Cloner clone before I updated macOS to Catalina. My question is when your 64-bit MoneyLine becomes available how will my 32-bit backup files be transformed to 64-bit? Will it be possible the 32-bit backup files be saved and changed to a usable 64-bit version? Or is anything 32-bit now, will not ever work with a 64-bit? If and when a 64-bit MoneyLine is available, will any of my 32-bit files be saved and be able to be used in the new App?
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    Hi, I was wondering that also. My post, and member Whale and others from Oct 8th about the 64-bit issue, are gone, I can't find them.
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