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  1. No, sadly it doesn’t. I had to re-import videos when I downgraded from version 7.31 back to 6.03.
  2. Tried the beta. Didn´t work, sadly. I still get the same problem. The file size increases from 3.99 GB to 4.99GB and then Quicktime refuses to open the video. Gonna stick with version 6.03 for now.
  3. Yes, I have taken a screenshot of the settings I used, when exporting videos. These are the same settings I have used for all my videos. Please, see link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Jd32j7IV8-fZnoMkwQEoJyPKWMWNGXx-
  4. Can I install the beta version without having a code anymore? After I reinstalled my old version, I send in a refund request for my purchase of ver 7.31, and that has been approved already.
  5. Okay. Well, It works now, and if you are running it on windows, then maybe it wont help my mac problem. So I´ll skip sending the project, it is quite large(14gb). But I will file a bug report, as you suggested. I also sent in a refund request, for the latest version, do you know how long they usually take to process? But I have one last question, I have an Intro template in videopad. Now that I "downgraded" to version 6.03. It will no longer open, since Videopad says it´s for ver 7.31. Is there anyway to bypass that? Or do I have to remake it?
  6. I installed ver 6.03 again per your recommendation and it worked. I managed to export the video, on my first try. So I guess I´m gonna stick with that version for a while longer. Should I still send a copy of the 7.31 version, so maybe you can take a look at it, and maybe find the problem? From what I have seen here in the forum, I don´t seem to be the only Mac user experiencing problems with this version of the program. I have uploaded it to my google drive, and what I want to know is, how i PM it to you? I don´t want to post a download link publicly in the forum. Thanks for t
  7. Hos do i find the version of videopad I had before? It was version 6.03. I have saved a copy of the project I´m having problems with. But I want to send them in a PM, and I can´t find how to do it on a mac. Please advice.
  8. I recently upgraded to version 7.31 and since then I have had alot of problems exporting videos. I have three videos I have been working on. Two of them( 8 minutes long and 20 minutes long) finally exported properly after several attempts. But I have one that is 32 minutes long. That just won´t export properly. if I use lossless export it takes away the video from my intro(leaves in the audio) and the main video exports properly, but at the end I have a still frame, that disappears but audio is still there(narration). If I try to use the option "Off Re-encode video" the video won´t
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