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  1. Hi elk and thanks for your reply! Yes, I checked the link out and it put me right back to square one with my issue, but THIS time I found out that I had been overlooking another message: this one appears at the bottom of the window within a yellow bar that occupies the entire screen width with words to the effect of:- "MixPad does not support VSTi automation. Choose another. " Well as I like the rather retro GUI of the RedTron 400 and as it is absolutely brilliant , I downloaded another program, plugged in my NUX loop core looper into the laptop and voila! I am now able to play really cool Mellotron clips, record them with the looper then move the recorded phrase into MixPad. MixPad would not allow me to use laptop speakers to play the mellotron simultaneously with using laptop microphone presumably to allow the speakers to monitor recording with playing, so this is my work around. Shame, as pretty much most of my VSTi's (such as mini erhu and Thai Gongs) have rotary controls on their GUI's sound really cool but MixPad doesn't support them.
  2. I guess this topic has been posted before, but, as I am new here and using MixPad Masters Edition, I just wondered if anyone actually had a resolution to this problem:- Firstly, I ADORE MixPad and its simple to use layout.....totally in preference to the hideously expensive Ableton stuff anyway! Ableton stuff seems to to be littered with complication but then I guess its a matter of preference.....well I have tried to add quite a few VSTi virtual instruments from various sources, and, followed MixPad instructions to the letter about quoting the exact path to the .dll plugins to my VST folder and voila! MixPad either cannot find them quoting that I have to configure plugins or that it cannot load some sort of sf2 file from a Folder called SynthEdit.....can anyone please give me a step by step guide (those of who who have had this problem or who are absolute MixPad experts!) as to how to sort this out once and for all? I have tried VSTs as well, also to no avail, from KVR Audio....but shucks....still, I do still love MixPad and for one, I have no wish to give up on it anyway! Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated!
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