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  1. Hi elk and thanks for your reply! Yes, I checked the link out and it put me right back to square one with my issue, but THIS time I found out that I had been overlooking another message: this one appears at the bottom of the window within a yellow bar that occupies the entire screen width with words to the effect of:- "MixPad does not support VSTi automation. Choose another. " Well as I like the rather retro GUI of the RedTron 400 and as it is absolutely brilliant , I downloaded another program, plugged in my NUX loop core looper into the laptop and voila! I am now able to play really cool
  2. I guess this topic has been posted before, but, as I am new here and using MixPad Masters Edition, I just wondered if anyone actually had a resolution to this problem:- Firstly, I ADORE MixPad and its simple to use layout.....totally in preference to the hideously expensive Ableton stuff anyway! Ableton stuff seems to to be littered with complication but then I guess its a matter of preference.....well I have tried to add quite a few VSTi virtual instruments from various sources, and, followed MixPad instructions to the letter about quoting the exact path to the .dll plugins to my VST folder a
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