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  1. No, that wouldn't work, as the program thinks it is correct. There is a way to do this, but it is an almighty faff BECAUSE EXPRESS INVOICE WON'T LET ME ENTER A NEGATIVE NUMBER, which would easily resolve it. The way to correct this is: 1. Back up your data! 2. Create a new customer, make it very slightly different to the one with the wrong balance, e.g. use the same name with an A or 2 in front of it, so if the customer is "Fred Smith Ltd", use "2 Fred Smith Ltd" 3. Change ALL invoices to the name of the new customer. This can take a while, and is therefore a bit of a
  2. I have a customer whose account shows as a negative balance. I know they don't actually have one (I work very closely with them), so I need to reset this to zero. When I go to 'Apply Payment', it tells me I can't enter a negative amount. Anyone have any idea how I can resolve this? Thanks in advance
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